Feb 22, 2012

The Meme thats Sweeping the WORLD!!! SIXTH!!!


The Rules.

  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

I don't have subfolders (Yet) but without further adieu!!!

 Oh the good old days when I was Raid Leader of Eternal Hatred on Tich... That's us Raiding Undercity... and dueling in the nude... and I am pretty sure we were trashed on Vent as well!! Shout OUTS to Lericus, and Kegbeard... He was the first person to hit 85 on his Dwarf Shaman... and with me being number two...

Time to link some Blogs!!!
Anxious Gamer
Night Vyxen
Sizzle's Legs
Aspect of the Dork!

Excited to see it!!! 


Anonymous said...

That's a great shot! I had this "it looks familiar, but I can't quite peg it" about it.

Thanks for taking part!

JD Kenada

Sizzlelegs said...

Bwahahaha...tagged again.

I've got more screenies now...will post soon!