Feb 5, 2012


Hi everyone!!!

Yes that's right another update in the same week!!! It has been such an experience so far, that's for sure!

I started this toon back in the day... I mean pre-shattering, before the death of the Lich King, back. in. the. day! It has been fun trying to get readjusted to all the new perks and such... which there are none!!!

I am still Thunderstomping myself through Azeroth, which is pretty fun, and causes grief to healers for some reason. Which brings me up to today's topic, the Looking For Dungeon tool (LFD).

Myself, I love it. Server camaraderie has died, looking to get 4 other people together to run a dungeon is unheard now a days, and can you imagine asking in LFG,

"LFG, Nudetoon, wants to hit things hard with Thunderstomp, repeatedly!! PST for Invite"

It's not going to happen. So I ninja in groups and get to experience some content that I would not of been able to do other wise. This is where the DILEMMA comes in... I am really not contributing to the group DPS-wise. I am good entertainment and keeps the group in great spirits, but I am not really helping... 20 DPS doesn't help against a boss that has 15k hp.

So yeah, I am basically leeching exp. Not GOOD!!! I have decided on a compromise that will keep me from just sitting in LFD and fucking up people's groups, I will only run a dungeon once for the achievement. It has to be level appropriate, and the cool part if people really think I am messing up the group they can kick me... That never happens. "I don't get dropped, I drop the label." - Jay-Z

So if you see Nevernude in one of your dungeon groups, send a wave!!!

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