Feb 2, 2012

Back from the Dead AGAIN!!!

Yep, I am back... AGAIN!!!

I have slayed the Dragon, Killed the King, and toppled the Tyrants??? Sure that works, but for life of me I have not played my fabled toon, "Nevernude" Until now....

This is totally 3-4 years in the making, the last post was about LFD, (Looking for Dungeon) and now we have LFR (Looking for Raid)... We have been shattered by the Cataclysm, and Nevernude while hiding in the attic in Stormwind has survived, and awaken to quench his thirst for beer!!!

The reason I found him and decided to give this a go is because of the 2012 in 2012... Pretty excited to see where this takes me... I have so many goals in this game and I have really never achieved any of them...

The Jest of the "2012 in 2012" is to get 2012 levels between X amount of characters in 2012, not a race, more of an adventure... Check out the website!! arcanewordsmith.wordpress.com

I look forward to the coming days, weeks, months! Look forward to "Douche of the Week" Tomorrow!!! Should be good times!!!

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