Nov 24, 2008

Bane of my Existence

I decided to start a new weekly feature, called, "The Bane of my Existence"
I will delve deep into the psyche of the thing/creature/person/idea is causing myself so much strife!

Yes the Young Forest Bear!!! That does strike the fear in to children!!!

Here are some facts.
1. It is level 8-9 (so yeah its tough!)
2. It drops a chipped claw about 30 % of the time.
3. It likes to surprise Nevernude while he is picking Herbs...

Yes it does!! Every time I picked a Silverleaf near Goldshire, This Bear would come after me... Luckily I carry my two weapons with me at all times... Pain and Hate!!!

Good thing I got the best of him, and 84 exp... They know now not to mess with Nevernude ever again!!!

Nov 20, 2008

Nevernude gets in trouble

Day 1 was exciting to stay the least. Made it to level 9 and only a few corpse runs which is fine because there is no real penalty since there is no armor to repair :)

I got my first achievement!!!!

My first Achievement Yeah That's right I won a duel... Pretty cool stuff!!!

Here is the History of My First Guild!
By Nevernude

The General Chat right now is crazy... Like people talking about microwaving babies crazy... and its usually like that in the lowbie areas which is fine with me, it does give me a good laugh from time to time. I was talking to this person "Kristea" about whether or not we should go fishing, she was sure Ill meet you at the dock.
I roll over there and she realizes that she is fishing with the one and only, NEVERNUDE!!! She was taken by surprise to say the least. After telling her about my goals, she asked how are you going to achieve your raiding ones... Well, up to this point I really have not thought about it, but I guess PUGs are out of the question, Most of the time heheheh..... I told her that I was hoping to get in a guild where they would be more tolerant of my condition, "Gymnophobia". Yeah, It is a real condition, literally means being scared to been seen naked. She was wanting to start a guild and Gymnophobia was born... We had set up the idea that the guild would help me with raids and instances, and in return I would make them famous... hahaha... I even had my own rank, "The Naked One" I thought that was cool, the rest of the guild ranks were Flasher, Streaker, and Nudist, Good stuff, But with out warning this happened...

Yep, DISBANDED!! No apparent reason, all we know that it had be someone that took offense to the name and reported us... So Nevernude got in trouble today...

Nov 19, 2008

Beginning of the end of society

Lets start with Why and how I am going to do this and want this is...

First This...
This is a Journal of my time in World of Warcraft... Yeah I know lame... but whatever.. its not about swords and magic... its about Near Nudity... WoW does not allow you to be completely naked but pretty damn close. There is Character in the game Named "Gutrot"

Basically He gave the traditional WoW the finger, and said I could do this with out all your fancy items, and he did to level 70 which at the time was the highest level... But, A new expansion came out and the level cap was raised to 80.

I decided to take this challenge on myself, with a Human Warrior because anything else is cheating... Mages, Warlocks, Paladins, Priests, Hunters, and Death Knights, can survive with out items. Rogues just suck so good luck with that...

Now the Why

I have been playing this game off and on, and have been looking for something more and I think I have found it with this style of playing, from the first day there has been controversy and I am going to get in to that later. It has just been alot more fun. End of story!

Here are the Rules...
1. NO weapons... you may have an off hand weapon that adds stats. Thats it, the item can not add damage. The goal is to reach lvl 80 with level 1 skill in all weapons expect unarmed.
2. No armor that adds +Armor, so Trinkets, Rings, hats, capes, whatever that does not add armor is totally acceptable, but remember the goal is to be as nude as possible...
3. Have fun!!!!

That concludes the thesis statement...

Look for me on Grizzly Hills PVE server... The names Nevernude... if you did not know by now