Nov 20, 2008

Nevernude gets in trouble

Day 1 was exciting to stay the least. Made it to level 9 and only a few corpse runs which is fine because there is no real penalty since there is no armor to repair :)

I got my first achievement!!!!

My first Achievement Yeah That's right I won a duel... Pretty cool stuff!!!

Here is the History of My First Guild!
By Nevernude

The General Chat right now is crazy... Like people talking about microwaving babies crazy... and its usually like that in the lowbie areas which is fine with me, it does give me a good laugh from time to time. I was talking to this person "Kristea" about whether or not we should go fishing, she was sure Ill meet you at the dock.
I roll over there and she realizes that she is fishing with the one and only, NEVERNUDE!!! She was taken by surprise to say the least. After telling her about my goals, she asked how are you going to achieve your raiding ones... Well, up to this point I really have not thought about it, but I guess PUGs are out of the question, Most of the time heheheh..... I told her that I was hoping to get in a guild where they would be more tolerant of my condition, "Gymnophobia". Yeah, It is a real condition, literally means being scared to been seen naked. She was wanting to start a guild and Gymnophobia was born... We had set up the idea that the guild would help me with raids and instances, and in return I would make them famous... hahaha... I even had my own rank, "The Naked One" I thought that was cool, the rest of the guild ranks were Flasher, Streaker, and Nudist, Good stuff, But with out warning this happened...

Yep, DISBANDED!! No apparent reason, all we know that it had be someone that took offense to the name and reported us... So Nevernude got in trouble today...

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