Nov 24, 2008

Bane of my Existence

I decided to start a new weekly feature, called, "The Bane of my Existence"
I will delve deep into the psyche of the thing/creature/person/idea is causing myself so much strife!

Yes the Young Forest Bear!!! That does strike the fear in to children!!!

Here are some facts.
1. It is level 8-9 (so yeah its tough!)
2. It drops a chipped claw about 30 % of the time.
3. It likes to surprise Nevernude while he is picking Herbs...

Yes it does!! Every time I picked a Silverleaf near Goldshire, This Bear would come after me... Luckily I carry my two weapons with me at all times... Pain and Hate!!!

Good thing I got the best of him, and 84 exp... They know now not to mess with Nevernude ever again!!!

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