Feb 7, 2012

I Broke Rule One!!!

"1. NO weapons... you may have an off hand weapon that adds stats. That's it, the item can not add 
          damage. The goal is to reach lvl 80 with level 1 skill in all weapons expect unarmed."

Yeah I did Break it... SO what??? I break all sorts of rules, including the most important ones... LOL!!!

But Nevernude doesn't that make you invalid? I mean you should suddenly just explode because of your dire trespassing against yourself????

NO!!  This is why!!!

Yep that is a FOAM SWORD!!! 
(Sad part is my fist have more DPS then this....)

I obtained it from the Darkmoon Faire, which I must say is pretty awesome!!! Running in Dungeons whipping this thing around bonking Scarlet Crusaders in the head!!! 

I still cant use any other attacks other then Thunderstomp and Auto-Attack, since it's not recognize as a melee weapon... LOL!!! 

I did just hit level 30!! You know what that means??? NOTHING!!! Nothing at happens at 30... such a sad day... well I am off to collect more herbs and bonk skeletons on the head!!!

1 comment:

Ironyca said...

Haha I laughed when I read your post, the foam sword is so silly, and yet I'm strangely inspired by your adventure, keep it up!