Feb 8, 2012

Bane of My Existence: Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon

It's that time of the month!!! NO!! Not that time of the month, but Darkmoon Faire Time!! WOOO!!!! I am probably not the only one who is super excited about all the fun games that don't reward any experience,
(Yeah, Blizzard if you are reading this... We should get experience for bopping hogger with a mallet, just saying. It takes a lot of skill to run around and hit my hot key at the right time, more so than any other daily of getting X and giving them to Y)

Sorry about that rant... It needed to be said, so with out an further adieu, I present to you!!!!


Yep this little Cannon, has caused me so much frustration... and gave me so little satisfaction!
I earn ONE, I said ONE Darkmoon Faire Ticket and 250 reputation with you guys? for what? how about 7 deaths, and 30+ trips back to the cannon, and you want to know how long till I figured out there was a warp back to you???  Just now... Yep that's TWO Months of running back and forth... Not fun!!! But I'll have my day Maxima!!! You will see!!!


Anonymous said...

Just trying to actually comment.

Anonymous said...

It's Amateur Azerothian.

Looks like I can finally comment anonymously, though Open ID seems to still be acting funky.

At least that means I'll actually respond to your posts. :)

Heidy said...

Hi Nevernude!

Thanks for the tag; I posted for the 66 meme.
Keep rockin' the shades and foam sword!


Sizzlelegs said...

Warlock summon = instant completion and/or achieve

Took me about 50 tries before I got the achieve before thinking of lock summon!

Sizz from Sizzle's Legs