Mar 31, 2012


That's Right!!! I did go over to the Dark-Side... and the cookies sucked!!! SWTOR, was terrible... I really didn't get it... There was not a whole lot to do... I know, it is new, but come on!!! Don't release a product that can not even compete on the level of WoW... I can hear all the Fanbois, saying, "Nevernude, its new! They are adding new content everyday! I mean it is on par on Vanilla WoW!!!" 

You know what I say to that??? BULL SHIT!!! 
If I was designing a MMORPG for today's market, I would make sure it was at least on par on with the current ones... Why should I wait 2-3 years for a game with options that I can have now??? Makes no sense to me, and if it doesn't make sense to me, GOD HELP US ALL!!!!

Now I am re-installing and hoping to get my pony back... Blizzard you won this round... May your Dreams be filled with Pandas!!! 

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