Apr 7, 2012

20 Days of WoW! Day 1 - Introduce Yourself

While I sit and wait and wait and wait... for WoW to download, I decided that I should start this blogging challenge in hopes that I will be done downloading in time to play the Pandaria Beta!

Well my name is Michael, and I am 29, and a closet gamer. Been playing WoW off and on for 7 years. My first real guild totally imploded... Google "Gilgamesh and Onyxia server" and see what happens! I took a 3 year break to devote my life to FFXI (Holla to CaitSith and the DarkMercenaries!)... I work as a bartender at a river-view restaurant. Pretty amazing gig, Work hard and play hard... Talking about playing hard, I do that on occasion... I just got done backpacking Europe for 35+ days. Pretty exciting stuff, saw and experienced so things I would never have been able to.

I also use to teach snowboarding, did that for a few seasons before moving off the mountain. I love the outdoors, gardening, drinking beer, women, playing games, golf, and camping... lol... That totally sounds like a match.com profile...

Here is a quick pic from my trip to Naples, I am the one on the left

I do enjoy writing in my free time, and look at this blog as practice for some ideas in the future. If you do enjoy this, I have a real life blog, Awkward Moments
Well I am off! Time to go and enjoy the sunshine!
~Smile, Love, Drink~ - Michael

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