Apr 20, 2012

A General WoW Rambling

I have no idea why I stumbled upon this photo... But, I am glad that I did!!! I have been in tears for the last 15 minutes just thinking about how awesome that picture is!

After doing some research, I found out that I can actually shoot rainbows from a trinket that is quested. I would tell you where it is at, but I want you to experience the search on your own! Needless to say Nevernude is on his way right now to pick one up!!! 

In other news, a few co-workers of mine started playing WoW again! This is a good thing, I miss the feeling of playing with people that I actually know. I haven't played with Real life friends in a MMORPG since FFXI, back in the Caitsith DMA days! There is a little throw back for you! The cool part is the guy who is running the guild is also owns/runs a local comic store, I am thinking there will be a lot more events and such and maybe some new friends will be made! 

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