Apr 11, 2012

Day 2- Why You Decided to Start a Blog

Hmmm.... This is a pretty deep question... Why would anyone take time out of their busy lives to start a blog, let alone a blog based off a video game???

The easy answer would be for pride and fame. That would be true, if I really did care about that. I mean I do get some satisfaction from seeing that my blog hit the three thousand unique hit mark, but at the same time I really could give a fuck about the number of people that look at it. It is more of a journal about the time I spend in WoW and allows an deeper immersion for me.

Also, there is the hope that I could write one day for a major blog company... I am looking at you wow.joystiq.com... LOL!!

With this WoW blog it's more of a way to look at the general populace and they way they treat a "different" person from the norm. That alone, I feel is an aspect of WoW that has not been explored. So far, it has been terrible if you dont have the best gear and best talents. I know that I can stand outside of fire, run away when needed, and make myself a NON-Burden on the healer....

The last reason, I wanted to have a public platform to write about this, and allow people to speak as well. An active dialogue is probably one of the strongest forms of changes one can have, and if that someone notices this... MORE THE BETTER!!!


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